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    Debate: How Necessary is it to Censor Our Personal Behavior?

    Kicking us off: Editor-in-Chief Ben Mixon.

    We should censor our behavior to a certain degree.

    In my daily encounters with all people, I find it hard to not constantly make my opinion known by speaking louder than everyone else.

    It’s simply an aspect of my personality to take a strong, vocal standpoint on things.

    However, there are times when it’s best to strengthen the filter that lies between the brain and mouth.

    Incidents have occurred in my life too often where I end up hurting others while speaking my thoughts. It doesn’t help my relationships with people or help anything in my life at all, really.

    During the times I choose to remain quiet, I am exercising self-control, and developing self-control DOES improve life in many ways. Any geezer will tell you the same, and they’ve lived a lot longer than us highschoolers.

    Additionally, in the good words of staff writer Sophia Carey, “The world would be an awful place if everyone spoke their mind all the time.”

    The contrast: Staff Writer Jesse Darwin

    We shouldn’t censor our true feelings at all.

    The amount of time wasted and misconceptions perpetuated by self-censorship throughout time has, without a doubt, caused many triumphs and failures.

    When I think of censoring myself, I simply think of not speaking my mind and not completely standing up for who I am.

    Not speaking ones’ mind can result in false impressions or worse, leaving you wishing you had said how you felt.

    Censoring your personality pertains to holding yourself accountable for how others feel, and personally, I believe that the modern tendency to be easily offended and to discover minuscule micro-aggressions is a problem for the culture.

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