Ferguson Anticipates Grand Jury to Release Final Verdict of Michael Brown Case

On August 9, prior to weeks of protest and violence by enraged citizens, Officer Darren Wilson shot and killed Michael Brown in the streets of Ferguson, MO.

Over the past three months, a grand jury in Ferguson has been hearing evidence on the case, and has been undergoing the painstaking process of whether or not to indict Officer Wilson. Although new evidence supporting both arguments has been continually surfacing, the jury is expected to reach a decision within the next few days.

One thing is certain, if the jury emerges with no criminal charges to indict Wilson, there will protest, likely violent protest.

Residents and protestors seem to in fact be preparing for no criminal charges, as gun sales at  a shooting range in Ferguson are up 40-50 percent. This is the result of an autopsy report from the county medical examiner’s office providing evidence supporting Officer Wilson’s innocence, as well as seven or eight eye-witness accounts that align with Wilson’s testimony of what happened.

There is no way to know which decision the grand jury will soon make, so citizens must simply hold on to their seats and see how it all unfolds.