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    Over-Activism: Stop Crying

    By: Ben Mixon

    In today’s world, people are hyper focused on bringing around societal change in areas such as racial and gender equality. Every time I open my computer, I see new activists for old issues constantly screaming for justice and striving for perfection in an imperfect world. We do not seem to be focused on being happy, we are focused on being right.

    A lot of protests are 100% justified, an example being the incident with Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO (Officer Darren Wilson has still not been arrested, it’s been 3 months since the shooting).

    But in all honesty, people are crossing the line of civil activism, and entering the realm of crying, upset, spoiled child. Women can achieve anything men can in America, across the race spectrum as well. This should be understood. Yet people continue to attempt to cause uproar via new campaigns and video projects regarding the justice of equal opportunity.

    We have achieved all we can achieve. If you are a citizen in America, you have identical rights as the neighbor living next to you, regardless of race, gender, or religion. Prove me wrong.

    Lately it seems the cool thing to do is to immerse in the equality movement like jumping on a bandwagon, and if you’re not on the bandwagon, you’re the one looked down upon. But where is the bandwagon even going? Equality is achieved here in our country.

    The best way to advance the culture at this point in America’s timeline is to mature, and refrain from being so sensitive as a society, as well as put emphasis on personal growth and achievement.

    “The best way to advance our culture is to mature.”

    The people of the United States make up the most easily offended culture in the world. We will look for any excuse to feel victimized, just so equality obsessors will donate their attention and support.

    If the average person stopped caring about what the next average person was doing with their life and how they were going about it, we would have a much more simple and comfortable society. Every man and woman working to his or her own gain and making sure every person is equal in their own lives will result in a stronger society as a whole.

    Worry about yourself and those within reach of you, don’t be offended, and let others do their part as well.

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    Ben Mixon, Reporter
    Beat: Organizations Reason for joining journalism: Simply because I have an interest in writing. Goals: To become a good writer after this year. Grade: 11

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