The Internet: Our ‘Flying Car’

Jesse Darwin

By: Jesse Darwin
From the moment I wake up to the moment I fall asleep my mind is conscious of my phone. Thousands of thoughts race through my head accordingly, and the majority of my mind encloses around the Internet.
In 2014, we now hold a power that no one else has ever had in known history: the power to connect intimately through a screen. For instance, if I wanted, I could talk to someone across the world just as easily as talking to someone across the room.
The simplicity in communication has become convoluted, and with this, the toll it takes on our minds evolves with the technology.
The Internet is perhaps the most unprecedented superpower the human race has ever touched, and the applications have barely been exploited.
I believe the Internet has depreciated the value of life and the gold moments we find in talking to people face to face and enjoying real moments. In 1985, when hover boards and flying cars were anticipated in the future, no one foresaw the actual breakthrough that would come a decade later.
When we thought the most magnificent notion possible was the idea of flying over the skyline of New York, we underestimated the simple brilliance that the Internet is. People predicted cell phones, video games, and the new technologies such as Skype and FaceTime. But the concepts of anti-gravitational cars and such do not even come close to how ridiculously interconnected humanity has become and will become throughout the upcoming decades. Our perception of the future can never be absolute, and what is to come is