CA Science Class Schedule Up For Change

Sophia Carey

By: Sophia Carey

As speculation surfaces regarding the extension of science requirements at CA, rumors need to be quelled, and facts revealed. Things are going around that suggest students will have to take four sciences in four years, starting next year.

Collegedale Academy students will not be required to take four sciences during the 2015-2016 school year. The change that will be made is a simple rearranging of course sequences. The requirement will remain at three science credits.

Freshmen will take earth science; sophomores, biology; juniors, chemistry OR physics; and seniors have the option of taking anatomy and physiology.

“We took polls from other schools and most were taking chemistry junior year. We think that is best,” Registrar Kerre Conerly said. “This may look radical on the outside, but only a few things have changed. Dispel the rumor of [required] four sciences.”