CAYA Volleyball Take Game 1 vs. GCA

Taylor Schepers

Taylor Schepers, CAYA volleyball senior gives her account of the Sunday game.

“If you were to step into GCA’s gymnasium last Sunday, you would have felt an array of emotions drifting through the air as the two rival schools had their first Volleyball face-off of the season. Having the home court advantage, Georgia Cumberland Academy students filled the gym as CAYA fans only took up a small section. Although GCA had a mass of attendees, their multitude did not determine the outcome of the game. The first set was neck to neck with CAYA pulling out on top. The next two sets were a blur of long volleys, hard spikes, and intense blocks. The game-winning point was executed beautifully by CAYA Senior Emily Wilt leaving the score 25 to 18. CAYA fans, sporting their bold red shirts, went crazy and rushed to congratulate the winning team. We look forward to playing GCA again when they come to our home court later this season.”