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    Is Public Breastfeeding Acceptable?

    By: Sophia Carey

    The state of West Virginia recently passed a law stating women can now breast feed in public and not get in trouble for indecent exposure.

    What defines “indecent exposure”? Is it natural for women to have to cover up while feeding their babies? Or is it taught?

    In the United States, it is common to be alarmed when near a mother
    breast feeding, but not raise an eyebrow when seeing someone in
    extremely short shorts.

    In contrast, many in other parts of the world would be appalled at the sight of bare legs but do no think twice about public nursing.

    An American pastor holding evangelistic meetings in West Africa told of his first time speaking.

    While he was preaching, a lady in the front row listening intently
    took off her top and began to nurse.

    Nobody in the audience even noticed, much less cared, but the pastor was so shocked and uncomfortable he suddenly didn’t know where to look.

    He found himself a product of a culture that rejected public breast
    feeding and felt out of place when in a culture that embraced it.

    How would you feel if a mother was breast feeding next to you?

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