Students Attend Annual Prayer Conference


Forty-two CA students took a bus to Camp Kulaqua in High Springs, Florida, on Wednesday, January 23, for the annual Southern Union Prayer Conference. Six student leaders drove down with Pastor Chris a day ahead in order to prepare for the conference.

During Prayer Conference, all students are placed in a family group which is led by two students, some from the academies attending and some from SAU. The groups (of approximately 10 people) integrate students from various schools in an effort to share Jesus as a common ground and “to get closer to people you don’t know,” sophomore Isabelle Kaneza said.

The smaller groups allow you “to have more of a connection with people,” sophomore Rebecca Ford said.

During the morning family group meetings, groups played icebreaker games including Honey, if you love me, won’t you please, please smile?

“Counselors would do anything to try and make you smile,” said sophomore Derik Turk, “including swagging.”

Besides the icebreaker games, groups also had discussions about topics and questions such as what to do if your friend is in a bd relationship and can you still hear God’s voice if you’re angry?

After lunch students have recreation time in which they can do a number of activities including canoeing, go karting, horseback riding, walking on the boardwalk, visiting a prayer room, and more.

Junior Michaela Anderson describes the recreation time as “relaxing,” and junior Jessica Johnson added, it’s “a good way to meet new people from other schools without being forced to.”

Junior Ivan Snyder describes the go karting as “extremely limited,” and junior Amber Brailsford,
who went horseback riding, said, “I liked the horse,” and “it can be a very enjoyable and instructive course for beginners.”

The theme for the week is “Keep Calm and Pray.” Pastor Chad Stuart of the Visalia SDA Church in California is the speaker, and former CA teacher Richard Hickam leads in worship through music.

“Everybody is willing to listen,” junior Jasmine Smith said of the meetings.

Students are expected to return to CA on Saturday evening.