Chemistry Students Bake 241 Mock Apple Pies to Benefit Chambliss Home


Sophomore Danielle Azard and junior Rebekah Kuhlman stand in front of the many boxes of pies prepared by chemistry students

On December 10th, Mr. Heilman’s chemistry class, mostly made up of sophomores, will be shipping out 241 mock apple pies to the Chambliss Center for Children, a safe haven for underprivileged children whose parents either are not around much or work throughout the day.

The pies are not actually made with apples, but they have the same composition and taste, and they are made up of a variety of ingredients including: cream of tartar, Ritz Crackers, cinnamon, butter, and pie crust.

Not only did the chemistry students receive extra credit for each pie they made, they were also given the opportunity to give to the less privileged while learning about the chemical aesthetics of food. Making these pies has been around for many of the years Mr. Heilman has taught at CA, and he continues to encourage students to give back and learn more.