Orchestra experiences D.C.

From November 13 to November 16, Collegedale Academy’s 2013-2014 Chamber orchestra went on its yearly tour. This year’s orchestra director, Gregory Lindquist, took his music-loving students all the way to Washington, D.C.

The orchestra prepared many pieces including a Handel Concerto and multiple sacred pieces for church. Collegedale Academy Orchestra played for two schools: Shenandoah Valley Academy and Highland View Academy. However, a favorite among the orchestra’s members was the vespers program played at Spencerville Seventh-day Adventist Church.

“Our Spencerville vespers performance was my favorite. It was the first time [the church] had held a Friday night vespers, and only a small amount of people showed up. I knew they really wanted to be there and listen to our music. That audience gave us more respect than any I have ever performed for” senior Savannah Moore said.

Not only did the orchestra play music, but they had the opportunity to experience it. On Thursday night, the orchestra made their way to the Kennedy Center to watch the National Symphony Orchestra perform excerpts from Romeo and Juliet by Prokofiev.


Beyond the music, CA Orchestra experienced culture in its most patriotic form. “Orchestra trip was fun but it was also a very educational trip!” sophomore Emmalina Pleshka said.  From visits to the Lincoln monument to the Jefferson monument to the Capitol, the orchestra emerged itself in all kinds of wonderful American history.

Mr. Lindquist made absolute sure to keep his students busy at all times except for on the long bus rides. “I didn’t have any down time except for on the bus,” freshman Garrett Howe said.

Some orchestra members took advantage of these lengthy bus rides. “I literally passed out every time I sat down on that bus and got more sleep than I have since the womb,” said Assistant Chaplain and part-time bass player Emmanuel Lemnah.