Local Places to Explore with Photography


Eric Marquez

the Glass Bridge just before sunset

As Instagram and Facebook have become popular and people gain access to quality cameras with their iPhones, the interest in photography among everyone, young and old, seems to have grown. Here’s a list of local locations that make for excellent photography settings:


Fields abound in this area, and a simple field with tall grass growing in it can easily become the perfect set for great photos. To choose the right one, find a clean field in which the length of grass is equal throughout, and then make sure that you are not trespassing. After choosing the perfect field, all that is left for you to worry about is the lighting. Fields prove to be a versatile location for photos, as they serve well for both senior photos and romantic pictures. The best lighting for this location comes at both sunrise and sunset.


Parking garage on West 3rd

A nice place to get pictures with a building in the background is the parking garage on West 3rd street between Chestnut and Broad Street. Once you are inside, drive to the top of the garage, and you’ll discover a 360-degree view of Chattanooga, both right in the middle of the city and without any obstructions.

The Hunter Art Museum

The famous museum is, rightly so, always a hot spot for pictures downtown. It has a majestic overhanging balcony on the 80-foot cliff. From the balcony, one finds that it has superb views of the also popular Walnut Street Bridge. Many couples choose to take photos here at sunset.

The Glass Bridge

There is a stunning glass walkway bridge that connects the Hunter Art Museum and Walnut St. It has a very modern and futuristic design, echoing the museum’s modernity. The lights that shine up from under the bridge at night make for cool dusk-time pictures.

The Walnut Street Bridge

Built in 1890 as the first bridge to connect Downtown Chattanooga to the North Shore, the Walnut Street Bridge’s iconic blue color and great views make it one of the most popular spots in Chattanooga to take pictures. In 1978, the bridge was closed to motor vehicles, and a decade later, it was open to pedestrians. From dawn through dusk, or even at night, one can always get amazing shots from the location.

Coolidge Park


The city’s largest park, which is located on the North Shore of town, hosts fountains that are wonderful for capturing kids playing on hot summer days. Its 19th century carrousel also acts as a fantastic set for photos. The park in its entirety, with beautiful green grass and waterfront views, serves as a fun setting for pictures.