‘Tis the Season for Musical Appeasin’


This month is busy and exciting for the Academy music associations. Mr. Lindquist and the band kick off November with the annual Veterans Day performance. This annual, honorary performance, scheduled for November 11, will take place in Veterans’ Park at the greenway, where military veterans are invited to come out to be honored and respected.

“It’s going to be a good performance. It’s always nice to honor our country’s veterans,” senior and Band President Connor Srawn said.

Orchestra finally gets some action this fall season when they embark on their tour of Washington , D.C., beginning Wednesday, November 13th. Although orchestra members recognize that these trips may slow them down academically, they seem to be excited for the opportunity to get a break and focus on the arts.

“Orchestra hasn’t been able to go elsewhere with their music this year. I am so excited to go to D.C.! To perform and take in America’s sites is so dope,” senior Lauren Waegele said.

“This trip is so exciting because I’ll get a break from school and also get to see a city I’ve never been to,” junior Taylor Schepers said.

Opus and Voce will continue to prepare for the Christmas program, containing huge numbers from Antonio Vivaldi. Both will perform on December 7 in the Collegedale Church and December 8 at Christ Church Episcopal.

Be sure to attend all of Collegedale’s music programs for a display of young talent this fall season.