Juniors Anticipate Major Upcoming Projects

These coming weeks present major projects for Collegedale Academy’s juniors, specifically for U.S. History and Physics. The U.S. History project is due right before Thanksgiving break, and the Physics project is due during finals week as a replacement for a finals test.

For U.S. History, students must create a replica of any significant building or artifact from any time in America’s history. With such a plethora of options, there will be a variety of projects. Ben Mixon plans on creating an imitation of a Native American tomahawk. “I saw the stone,” Ben says, “and then I realized that this would be perfect for my U.S. History project, if I make a tomahawk.”

Josh Stricker intends on drawing a replica of the Mayflower’s interior and exterior. “I was planning on actually creating a model of the ship, but drawing is my forte, so I decided to do that instead.”

Students were given a couple months in advance to start on the project; even so, procrastination is still a risk. CJ Hill had a few thoughts on the two projects: “The projects aren’t really that big of a deal; the whole concepts of both are really simple. We just have to not procrastinate and delay getting work done. If we just apply ourselves to the subject we can do it, easy.”

As for the physics project, the juniors will be constructing a homemade electric mechanism. In the past, physics students have constructed laser pointers, theremins, and light up ties. Although juniors have until the end of the semester to complete the project, they do have to be on their way in creating the project.

“Students should take every opportunity they have to work on the project at school and get help from him at every opportunity,” Mr. Pittman said.

With the weight of both projects heavy on the junior class, the students will have to apply themselves. “The only we can handle these projects is to maintain a level head, and resist the temptation to procrastinate,” Taylor Schepers said.