Sophomore Duo Ignites Chess Club

Leadership has shifted in CA’s chess club, and this year sophomores Max Boyson and Timmy Blair are glad to make sure the organization is as strong as ever. The origins of the chess club date back to 2011.


With six meetings already under their belt this year, the club meets from 3:20-4:45 every Thursday. Anywhere from 8 to 12 people (not including Boyson and Blair) attend weekly, three of which have never played chess before. Boyson acts as a teacher and mentor for the new-comers.


When asked how serious the atmosphere of the chess club was, Boyson responded, “Dead serious. If anyone forfeits a game, I will eat the remains of their soul.” In response to this, Blair with a glare pointed out, “It’s actually pretty relaxed.”


The pair took on the challenge of leading the chess club because “CA needs an organization like us. And it’s a lot of fun.”


Others are invited to join and test their strategic abilities against the chess masters. And now, the final question that everyone at the academy wants to know: Will members of the chess club be receiving jackets? They are working on it.