Should High School Students Abstain from Serious Dating Relationships?


Should high school students avoid getting into serious relationships?

  • No opinion (9%, 5 Votes)
  • Depends on the couple (46%, 26 Votes)
  • No (19%, 11 Votes)
  • Yes (26%, 15 Votes)

Total Voters: 57

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Yes. High school students should not date seriously. This is not to rob themselves of happiness; in fact, those who refrain from having a serious boyfriend or girlfriend have a more enjoyable high school experience than those who are wrapped up in one person.

Abstain because these years are the most important ones for self-discovery. The teenage years are the greatest opportunity for humans to better know their passions, their interests, their future, and themselves. Compromise and self-sacrifice are inevitable in serious relationships, and guys or girls who have yet to fully develop into themselves risk unknowingly giving up bits of themselves to their partners.

True love is unselfish. However, one finds that in most relationships, each person comes requiring something from his or her significant other, whether it be affirmation or affection. But authentic relationships are between two people who have decided that their validation rests within themselves, not in the praises of another; as a result, instead of constantly needing something from their partner, each one’s sole desire will be to give to his or her significant other. For a person to arrive at that point of self-respect and unselfishness, he or she must enjoy time alone to mature. Having to figure out yourself is rough enough without the extra burden of having to commit to another human being who also has not yet matured.

Abstaining from serious relationships gives one the opportunity to discover what people really want in a future partner. The most commonly cited argument in favor of serious relationships in high school is that people date to figure out what they want. Going on dates with people during high school is different than being in a serious relationship. Go on dates to discover what you find attractive in a guy or girl. In this type of scenario, there is no need to strive to make things work; you have no burden to strive to force a connection, and you move on if you do not click with each other. On the other hand, people in serious dating relationships often waste energy trying to make things work with a person who does not even know him or herself yet.

One could easily argue that single people learn a lot more about the type of guys or girls they want to date than girls or guys in serious relationships because single people take in everything, and they learn from what they see. Imagine this: Jane and Joe are at the Icebreaker. They spend their time on the sidelines, flirting and gazing into each other’s eyes, completely absorbed in one another’s presence. Meanwhile, Jane’s best friend Jamie takes the opportunity Icebreaker provides to converse with and befriend a few guys. Since Jamie’s relationships are not exclusive, she will get to learn from all of them, while the only guy Jane really interacts with is Joe.

Yes, there are couples who endure from high school to forever, but honestly, one finds more frequently that high school relationships end in drama and regrets. Those who abstain from serious dating relationships have a clearer understanding of who they are; in turn, they better understand what they want in a boyfriend or girlfriend. All in all, the risks that serious dating relationships present prove that choosing to avoid such relationships is a worthy decision.

No. High school students should not abstain from serious dating relationships. Yes, teenagers might not be experts when it comes to relationships, but there is no better place to learn than high school. Serious relationships teach many habits and qualities that people need to learn early on in life.
Commitment. With divorce becoming the norm, teenagers need to learn that commitment is a big deal. Serious relationships teach its participants how to work with a significant other to solve problems without ending the relationship.
Communication. Let’s face it: People hate confronting others to deal with problems. A relationship is the perfect setting for guys and girls to learn how to effectively express their concerns communicate well.
Patience. Patience is most difficult to muster up with those who are closest to you. If you learn to be patient with your significant other, patience will come more naturally in other relationships, such as those with friends and family.
Social life. When you date, you (obviously) get to know the person you are dating; in addition, you get to know his or her friends. Your friend circle usually expands as you spend time with your boyfriend or girlfriend’s friends and their friends’ friends.
Compatibility. Dating in high school helps you discover what kind of people you are most compatible with and who you will most likely marry one day. It teaches you how to choose who you date (and who you befriend) wisely.
Manners. Dating teaches how to act on dates and how to act when you meet your significant other’s family. By the end of high school, you’ll be a pro at manners, grace, and poise!
Overall, serious dating in high school requires and teaches a level of maturity that many do not learn until they are in college. All of these important life skills prepare you for future relationships and, even more importantly, marriage.