CA Students Possess Undiscovered Talents


Certainly everyone is unique in his or her own ways. However, how much do we really know about the talents of the students around us? We’ve all heard of famous acrobats and celebrity record breakers doing the impossible, but how would you feel if you knew that people you pass in the hallways every day could do extraordinary feats?

Sophomore Isabelle Kaneza has a strong fondness for singing. Singing since she was six or seven, her skills have greatly improved over the years. Like most of us with a God-given talent, she puts a lot of effort in to it.

“I’ve always sung in choirs and have had an intense passion for all different types of music. I’ve mostly taught myself by practicing a difficult song over and over again in my spare time until I perfect it,” Kaneza said. Kaneza also sings in Voce, in which there is a variety of music she enjoys.

Sophomore Sophia Carey also has a talent that one would not recognize by just sitting down with her for lunch – she can arch her back farther than most.

When asked how old she was when she first recognized this quirky ability, she replied, “I first realized I could go farther than most people in an arch when I was about 12.”

Lastly, senior Alissa Coleman has a great interest in and talent for abstract art. This talent of hers began with simple doodles and overlays that were the product of her spare time. They progressed into more complex and creative images, and in addition to using her own imaginative brain as her primary muse, Alissa also taught herself how to recreate things around her.

“It’s fun being able to display your own perceptions through color and shapes, but the best part is hearing the way others perceive your work and give you critiques,” Coleman said.

We all get used to mundane daily routines: waking up in the mornings, going to school, coming home, doing homework, and chatting with our friends over the phone.

In between those dull moments, one can discover uniqueness all around. Be amazed by the stars in the sky, a singer’s beautiful performance, or a lovely birthday card. Finally, venture into the variety of lifestyles CA students offer. You might be surprised at what kind of cool talents you might find.