Leaves Falling? Picnic Time!

On September 30th, Collegedale Academy’s students participated in the annual Fall Picnic, an event anticipated by many. The event illustrates the friendly competition between CA’s classes. From the swim meet before the 8:00 am commencement of the school day to the full assembly track meet and various activities in the gym, students are provided with many opportunities to join in on the action.

“Fall Picnic has always been one of my favorite events during the CA school year,” sophomore Maddie Johnson said. “The hyped-up school spirit and variety of events for everyone makes it a student-oriented occasion.”

The swimmers met in the Hulsey Wellness Center to determine the best of them all in several competitions.

“You could feel the intensity in the atmosphere. Everybody wanted to win for their class,” sophomore Sarah Malloch said.

After participating in the fifty yard backstroke and 100 yard free relay, Malloch said, “I felt really great because it felt really good to be back in the water after recovering from my broken back. I was a little worried at first because I haven’t trained in a while.”
Just outside the Wellness Center at SAU’s track, CA runners congregated together, affirmed their places in the sign ups, and dispersed to stretch and warm up. The rest of the school sprawled out on the sidewalk along the track to cheer on their classmates.

“The atmosphere was chill. Everyone was either chatting or cheering others on,” freshman Alexa Birch said. “I was nervous, but seeing all of the other people run kind of helped me be less nervous. After competing, I was just really happy with myself for having beaten a higher grade.”

The softball throw and shot put took up the space around the track as students strove to chuck a softball or weighted ball as far as they could. The competitions were warm and friendly, filled with laughter and smiles.

 Upon the return of all CA’s students to their own campus, the high jump and broad jump participants began their battles for blue ribbons and class points.

“I did the broad jump because I did it for the last three years and wanted to finish strong,” senior Jackie Ruth said. “I was nervous, but it turned out I did my best jump freshman year.”

An energetic dodge ball tournament concluded Collegedale Academy’s 2013 Fall Picnic.

The gym was crowded with people in the bleachers, or lined up against the walls, cheering their friends on.

“Everyone was really excited to be there. I mean, no classes to dread!” Ruth said.

The participants of this year’s Fall Picnic would agree that it was a successful affair. The classes were all supportive of their competitors and jovial toward one another as well. Picnic remains an excellent opportunity to bring CA together as a school in laughter, enthusiasm, and support.

“I hope they don’t change anything next year,” Johnson said.