Art Smarts: Find Your Inner Artist


One of the coolest things about being human is that we are all artists even though we may not realize it. The way we move, speak and react to a variety of situations depends on who we are and what we have been through.

Some of us are abstract artists; we are creative and sometimes unpredictable. However, we have good intentions, and people perceive our behavior differently through their own lenses.

Some of us are Pop artists; we patch together what we know and transform those pieces into something unique within ourselves. This is a result of our boldness and diversity.

Some of us are Realists; we see things for what they are and act accordingly, wishing to preserve truth and shun fallacy away from beauty. This behavior that we form through our lives results in a life portrait of our accomplishments and failures.

Society in general tends to judge from what they see rather than what is known. Its opinion is important to us as we are the subjects of the on-looking population. We carry the weight of its judgment, and we constantly feel the need to be careful of what we do, knowing that our actions determine who others think we are. The things we do and the artists we become are evident in the work we produce throughout our lives.

So, be mindful of what you do and say throughout the course of your life because when you are gone, your legacy will be shown within the portrait you’ve painted for everyone to see, and hopefully, you’ve created a masterpiece that acts as a prominent example to anyone who was able to witness your words and actions.