CAYA Youth Room is Paradise

I recently had the privilege to hang out in the youth room at the Collegedale Church and discovered that CAYA has stepped up their game this year. Its newly renovated youth center, located downstairs in the Collegedale Church, exists to provide a place for kids of all ages to play games, eat, and do homework – a place for students to relax.

The youth room is the vision of William Hurtado, Collegedale Church youth pastor.  His hope is that students from all schools will view the new youth room as a place they can come to after school when they don’t have a ride or if they need someplace to relax and make good memories with friends.

The youth room is the size of three classrooms combined, with lush leather couches littered across the space. One corner offers a refrigerator, microwave and toaster. There, one can always find bread, peanut butter and jelly; as well as nachos, cheese and ice cream. The proud kicker is a popcorn machine, ready for use.

Opportunities for recreation are endless in the new youth room. Upon entry, the first sight is a classic pool table, and upon further inspection one will find a ping-pong table and foosball table in a far corner. Various guitars hang on the wall, and an upright piano sits in the middle of the room. One could start a garage band in this very location, all while enjoying the luxury of food and activities. To some, this room is the picture of paradise!

“What they did with this section of the church is awesome and really surprised me, and it’s been great to have couches to sit on,” junior Thomas Greer said.

When asked for a good reason to check out the youth room (besides the food), junior Taylor Schepers said, “There are lots! Do homework, it’s a place to go if you can’t drive, you can see friends, and just mess around.”