Thigh Gap Not a Priority for Male Students


The thigh gap. This popular trend, often known as as “thinspiration,” has
been surfacing around for quite a while now. In short, if one has a
thigh gap, it means that he or she is slim enough so that his or her
thighs don’t touch.

Some girls have it, and some girls don’t. Unfortunately, when girls worry about their bodies, they also take into account the opinions of the opposite gender.

For those girls who need reassurance that being thin or curvy truly doesn’t matter, this survey is for you.
I asked 40 guys from CA, ages 14-18, these two questions in a survey about
their thoughts on thigh gaps:
1. Do you know what a thigh gap is?
2. How important is it that girls have a thigh gap?

Out of the 40 boys I interviewed, 19 of them didn’t know what a thigh
gap was. Based on this toll, I’d say that a “thigh gap” isn’t a major
priority to them.
For the next question (How important is it to you that girls have a
thigh gap?) I got many answers, but all were saying basically the same
thing: They don’t care. It’s as simple as that.

In fact, one junior guy responded by saying, “I don’t even notice.”

A guy from the freshman class reiterated that point. “[Thigh gaps are] not important
at all. It wouldn’t be bad if she had one or if she didn’t,” he said.

Another junior guy said, “I wouldn’t take that [having or not having a thigh gap] into consideration if I liked a girl.”
Ladies, what the opposite gender thinks about your body should not
even be a concern for you. In addition to the fact that often what we
waste time fussing about means nothing to the male population, take comfort in the knowledge that your loveliness comes from your soul.

The ideal woman, according to
Proverbs 31, is “clothed in strength and dignity . . . Charm
is deceptive, and beauty fades,” the proverb warns, “but a woman who
fears the Lord will be greatly praised.”