Top Ten Common Catastrophes

On a good day, the stupidest things can barge in and ruin it. On a bad day, its

even worse. These are the smallest, most minuscule accidents and trials that

foil our good moods that we humans can’t seem to avoid.


• When your big toe gets slammed behind a corner (thanks reality)


• When your’re walking out of a door and your bag gets yanked off your shoulder by the door

knob (proof that you shouldn’t go to school because my house won’t let me leave)


• Forgetting to study for a quiz (YOLO)


• Hitting your hip so hard on the corner of your dresser or bed you can’t feel it till 3 minutes

pass ( of course that feeling lasts for 3 weeks after and it feels more like a freight train knocked

your pelvis out)


• Going to your favorite restaurant to order your favorite thing and they have taken it off the

menu (its personal, whether management thinks so or not)


• Owing money at the SA booth (60 cents is pretty steep in this recession)


• Going to do something and you are within a millisecond of finishing that task and someone

asks you a question making you return to your task and completely forget what it was you were

doing there in the first place ( apparently focusing was not supposed to be on your agenda that



• Getting an eyelash stuck in your eyeball that somehow finds its way around your skull and

back no matter how far you try to dig it out (story of my life…)


• Getting a piece of gravel stuck in your shoe that seems more like a shard of glass (as if having

to get up, move, and walk wasn’t hard enough)


• Clipping your nails and you cut off too much of it or you make yourself bleed profusely…

(pretty much the most painful hell on earth there is to offer)