Week of Prayer Touches Hearts at CA

On the week of August 26-30, Collegedale Academy students and faculty gathered for 50 minutes every day in the CA auditorium to hear Pastor Ken Norton speak for Week of Prayer.

Norton shared his personal story and the love of Christ in a way that kept students interested. His talks led many students to commit to baptism and inspired many others to revive their dormant spiritual lives.

I asked some students what their reactions were to Week of Prayer, and this is what they said:

“I actually really liked it because it made me feel closer to God. I would like to have Pastor Ken back sometime.”
Maddie Johnson, sophomore

“I liked how Pastor Ken made it real.”
Tatyana Toro, freshman

“I liked how Pastor Ken related to us. His stories kept me interested. I also like how he prayed for the people during the open mic time.”
Jackie Ruth, senior

“I really enjoyed Week of Prayer! The Agape feast was amazing. The spiritual atmosphere and getting together to worship God helped me grow spiritually.”
Alexis LaVertue, junior