Lindquist Takes on His Busiest Year Yet


This year, band director Greg Lindquist is directing six different
musical groups: the A.W. Spalding Concert Band, CAMS’ beginner and advanced
bands, CA’s Concert Band and Jazz Band, and the CA Orchestra.

I recently had the chance to sit down with the director to get an idea
of what is going on in the world of Greg Lindquist.
BM: On a scale of 1 to 10, how busy are you?
GL: Not too bad. Ask me the same question in December, and you might
get a different answer.
BM: How has this year been different from your previous years teaching here?
GL: I like the consistency of the new schedule. I get to see my
students more often. I’ve also enjoyed meeting new students in the
BM: Did you expect to be director of orchestra as well as band when
you took the job two years ago?
GL: Not the orchestra. But I’ve always liked orchestra, so it’s good.
BM: What expectations are you faced with replacing Mrs. Burnham?
GL: She definitely left big shoes to fill. You know that orchestra has
always been a big deal around here. The amount of weekend concerts as
well as tours I have to plan for have doubled.
BM: How does teaching orchestra compare to teaching band?
GL: People always try to compare the two, but both just consist of
student musicians who want to work hard, learn, and have fun. In both
groups, we try to find a balance between hard work and having fun.

BM: Trip plans?
GL: Orchestra is going to DC in November, and Band is going to
Charleston Beach, SC. Some select band members will be
attending a festival at Washington Adventist University.