Balance: Working Student of Collegedale Academy


Junior Jennifer Goolsby working at Wired Coffee Shop.

Sarah Andrews, Editor-in-Chief

High School students have a lot to balance: homework, social lives, and sometimes a job. Students who work in addition to their school load have a unique experience because they are expected to maintain all aspects of life equally. For example, students with jobs have to begin assignments after they get home from work hours later. Echolier sent out a survey to Collegedale Academy students asking about working throughout the school year, and the results explained the benefits and disadvantages that come along with jobs.

The most frequently mentioned side effect of working during the school year is less time. Sophomore, Tayman Oslwald, works at Ooltewah Whistlestop and sometimes has to miss out on school events due to scheduling issues with work. Whether it is homework, spending time with friends, or staying involved with school, having a job takes up a large percentage of time.  On top of less time, students noted that working leads to feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and tired. Sansan Huai, Senior, works at Tropical Smoothie Cafe, and as a result she often goes to bed later than usual.

Despite the negative effects, jobs also result in positive outcomes. Jennifer Goolsby, Junior and Wired Coffee Bar employee, commented that a job gives her practice with customer service and work experience. Working afterschool provides an opportunity to learn time management and responsibility not found in a standard classroom setting. In the survey, the most commonly stated benefit of working throughout the school year was being able to make money. Expenses for school supplies, food, gas, and hanging out with friends can be covered by the money earned at a job. In addition to this, working and making money teaches financial management and saving skills. 

In conclusion, the workers of CA are diverse; from restaurant workers, to mowing lawns, to indie game developers, they all have unique experiences. Jobs provide extra stress, but can also grow bank accounts and personal accountability. Overall, the students at CA go above and beyond in all aspects of life, especially those who take on the pressure of holding a job