Lady Eagles Fall to Maryville after Valiant Effort

The CAYA girl’s soccer team lost to the Maryville Red Rebels by a score of 7 to 5 at the CAMS soccer field.  The game was on Monday, August 26, and was the second game of the Lady Eagles’ season.
Senior Katara Cooper scored four goals in the loss, and fellow senior Kaylin Redden added another score.  The Eagles were ahead 3 to 1 at halftime when the Rebels coach asked to play a 40 minute half instead of the usual 32 minutes.  The Rebels then scored 6 goals to the Eagles 2.


Senior Lauren Waegele said exhaustion may have played a role in the Eagles’ defeat; she then said that Maryville is a good team and has great communication.  “We have really improved as a team since last year,” Waegele added, in reference to the game against Maryville last year when the Eagles scored only twice and lost to Maryville by four.

The team does still not know its schedule, but there are usually games every week.