Economics Small Business Project: Money Making Craze


Photo by Tim Mossholder via Pexels

Cheyenne Roth, Editor-in-Chief

     Economics is a required course for seniors here at Collegedale Academy, but this year economics teacher Mr. White decided to turn it up a notch. He introduced CA’s first ever Economics Business Project. In prior years, when Mr. White first started teaching at CA, he has been unable to instate this unusual yet useful project opportunity due to Covid regulations and other obstacles. Students reacted hesitantly to the new sounding project but quickly used their creativity to come up with some interesting business proposals.  Each student or group of students had to create a business to sell a product or service to present at the end of two weeks. Each group also had to create advertisements on print and either one video or radio advertisement to promote their business.

     Once groups presented their inventive ideas to administration they were onto the selling portion of the project. The incentive to do well was the joy of keeping the money. Most students decided upon selling yummy treats before school and during lunch. My group, consisting of Hannah Boyd, Brooke Reams, and I, proposed the idea of selling delicious homemade cookies. Lunch time was taken over by booths competing against each other for the loyalty of the students and customers. Seniors were in charge of their finances and creating successful businesses.

     At the end of the mandatory two weeks of selling, profits were added up and a final formal business summary was required to be presented in front of Mr. White for the final grade. After each presentation, Mr. White and the rest of the senior class were allowed to interrogate each business in hopes of finding fault in their project or business layout. David Klingbeil states, “This project allowed me to explore valuable life lessons in business that I can apply in the future.” As many upperclassmen were unfamiliar with how businesses are run, Mr. White opened up the eyes to the actual process and risk of a successful business. It is hoped that the experience will allow students to have a better understanding of running business and economics in general, especially if they plan to pursue an entrepreneurial career.