CA Teachers Use iPads to Benefit Students


Recognizing that the introduction of iPads to Collegedale Academy does not just affect students may lead one to wonder: how are teachers adapting to the device? Are they as enthusiastic about iPads as students are?


“At the end of last year, I did not have a strong opinion for or against the iPads,” said English teacher Ms. Macias, “but I love them.”


Teachers seem to appreciate the availability of many forms of media. For mathematics teacher Mr. Thorman, the iPads present new teaching opportunities.


“I get to try some new ideas now that all students have access to tech resources,” he said.
Miss Ross, freshman English teacher, agrees. “I can now easily post links on Schoology to audio and texts that my classes can read or listen to right at school,” Ross said.


Unfortunately, the iPads do present glitches that teachers have to work through.


“We probably should have had an extensive training on each app,” Macias laments. “Now that school has begun, we just have to learn as we go.”
One app that is both a blessing and a curse to teachers and students is Schoology.


“Schoology has a steep learning curve,” Ross states. “It’s not very user friendly.”


Both English teachers agree that going completely paperless may pose a challenge for some -Macias speaks in terms of the lack of consistency with the way students turn things in and howgrades are put in, while Ross refers to the ease at which one could cheat on a quiz or test taken on the iPad.


As for the general change on how things will be taught as a result of the iPads, Mr. Thormanremarks that the iPads will not bring about any change that teachers aren’t willing to implement, in regard to their personal teaching styles.


“We may be forced to post assignments differently, take record differently, or put in grades differently, but teaching styles will change only in ways teachers see as positive experiments,”he said.

Luckily for the entire student body, teachers are embracing these new devices with open minds and are willing to explore them so that students can get the most out of their education.