What is Mu Alpha Theta?

Welcome to Collegedale Academy, a school that is stocked full of high achieving and academic students. Here there are many opportunities for us to show our scholarly strength, one of which is the math group, Mu Alpha Theta. Being both a college and high school level “club”, it was created for the most mathematically inclined students who want to share their interest with their like-minded peers.

To join Mu Alpha Theta, there are a few requirements. First, you have to be an upperclassmen who has taken a higher level math class, deviating off of the set class path towards more challenging classes such as precalculus or dual statistics. In addition you must also get a recommendation from at least one CA math teacher. Finally, a form has to be filled out and submitted to either Mrs. Beasley (math teacher) or the front office. To get into such a well-esteemed group, these requirements seem like nothing!

Now, many may be discouraged from joining a math club due to the possibility of added work or too much boring math. However, if you are even remotely interested in math, this fear can easily be assuaged. In Mu Alpha Theta there is no huge work dump to worry about. Instead it is more like a way to show that you have a higher level of math knowledge, even if that knowledge doesn’t extend into classes like Calculus or Physics.

This year, over 20 students joined Mu Alpha Theta, and were inducted into the society during chapel on November 17th.

So if you enjoy stretching your mathematical skills, and you want to join a group of people like you, consider joining Mu Alpha Theta at your next opportunity. Ultimately, there are many more pros than cons, especially when you consider how good it will look when applying for colleges. If you like math, Mu Alpha Theta is for you!