Highschool Headaches


Image by CottonBro via Pexels

Liz Sinigaglio, Editor-in-Chief

Are you stressed? Who am I kidding, if you’re a student in either high school or college, of course you are! Even if you’re an adult with a job, there’s some stress. Unfortunately due to the state of the country, everyone and their dog has something to be stressed about, but has the level always been this high?

The simple answer is, no. As the years have gone by, it seems like the stress levels have risen more and more. Unfortunately we have now reached an all time high in the form of 2020. According to a study from the American Psychological Association, Teenagers were already over the limit (3.9) of healthy stress, being 5.8 on a 10-point scale. The kicker is, that study is from 2014! Imagine how much that has increased by now after six years.

For some CA students, four out of those six years have also included high school, and the added stressors of increasing hormones, homework, and drama levels.

One student, Nia Franklin, says, “Senior year is pretty bad, stress wise, because of all the college stuff in addition to several hours worth of busywork. And I know a lot of people also have jobs too, which doesn’t help.”

But the difference from freshman to senior year is nothing compared to the way stress levels have evolved over the decades. Going back ten or so years to the 2000’s, the elections were less controversial, there were not nearly as many (talked about) global issues, and certainly not a worldwide pandemic. Nowadays, the amount of problematic issues that high schoolers have to worry about has grown. 

When asked if he felt that high school students are more stressed now than when he was in high school, history teacher Mr. White laconically responded with a hard, “Yes.”

So how are we supposed to stay calm instead of getting overwhelmed? There are a few ways to dull down stress and make life feel a little better.


Tips for staying organized and reducing stress (according to anonymous CA students)

  • Cuddle pets
  • Turn on some funny YouTube videos
  • Listen to lofi or music with no lyrics
  • Take a warm bath
  • If you have a fireplace, sit near it while working
  • Take a 20 minute break between each subject of homework 
  • Eat a quick snack

It seems like this turmoil may be a sign that this year, teachers should take things a little easier. On the other hand, students should make an effort to be kinder and more patient with their teachers, who are stressed with trying to keep us happy and safe. Most of us are under the weight of too much stress, and we’d appreciate a reprieve. CA has made it all the way to Christmas time despite the efforts of this crazy year, and since we’re doing so well, we have to keep going!