My school picture looks awful!  Five Quick Fixes for Taking Your Best School Portrait Ever

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 Why do school pictures always look so bad? It’s a question many students are asking as well as teachers. It seems that no matter what you do, the picture always turns out badly. The only question is: why?

One of the first reasons is that you can’t see yourself before the picture is taken. Ever tried to take a picture of yourself without looking at the camera? It usually looks pretty bad. We don’t have any way of seeing ourselves from the camera’s angle, so if something is off we won’t know until we get our picture. Sure, the photographers try to help us out a bit, but let’s be honest, they don’t have time to make sure every kid looks their best, they just have to look decent. 

Picture day can be long and tedious, especially if you are getting your picture taken late. The later you have to wait to get your picture, the more frizzy your hair gets and your patience thins. By the time your picture is ready to be taken you look and feel like a mess. 

You’ve heard some of the different reasons school pictures look bad, but how can you try to fix this? Use our tips below to take the best school picture ever! 

  1. Try posing in front of the mirror. Yeah, it may feel a bit weird, but try seeing what way you like your face and hair positioned so you know for later. 
  2. Bring a brush or some makeup to do a touch up while you wait. You should also bring a mirror so you can see what you look like and fix anything out of place.
  3. Wear colors that complement your complexion 
  4. Ladies: Wear your hair down or curled, as up-dos often don’t photograph well.
  5. Show your teeth when you smile! A full smile livens up a portrait.

Using some of these tips and tricks will hopefully help your next picture to look a little bit better and make you feel a little bit nicer!