Thanksgiving Needs to be Cancelled!


Picture Credit: Priscilla Du Preez, Unsplash

Rileigh Juba, Writer

As yet another year comes to a close, the days grow shorter, homes get warmer, sleeves get longer, an age-old debate rises again. The question? Why do we even bother with Thanksgiving? Thanksgiving has proved to be nothing but a distraction from what is truly important: Christmas. I propose that we combine Thanksgiving and Christmas into one super holiday–Christgiving.

Both Thanksgiving Day and Christmas celebrate the joy of family and the privileges we have. On both holiday’s evenings, families come together to have a lovely, slightly uncomfortable dinner around a roasted bird. Also, both Turkey Day and Christmas celebrate monumental events in history; the former for the eve of the theft and murder that led to our fantastic country, and the latter for the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ. We should do what we all know to be right and consolidate the two holidays.

In the same vein, tidings of comfort and joy are too good of a cause to keep confined to two months. We should just extend Christgiving to the whole year. Labor Day is nice and all, but there’s no need to celebrate the work we’ve done when it’s Santa, the elves, and the reindeer who do all the hard work. The month of October has also become dedicated to Halloween, ie. a spooky, scary holiday of darkness and despair. Why waste your time being wary of what’s behind the shower curtain when you can deck the halls, sip eggnog and hot chocolate, dressed in fuzzy socks and reindeer antlers?

In the month of July, Independence Day is a celebration of the beginning of our country, which is covered by Thanksgiving. Easter, in April, celebrates Jesus, which is covered by Christmas. Even further back to February, Valentine’s Day is intended for love and chocolate, two things Santa has given us so graciously. January will remain joyless, as we may need a month to recuperate after the festivities. In conclusion, Thanksgiving is canceled. Christgiving is all.