10 Tips for Fall Banquet

Carolina Smith, Writer


  1. Don’t feel required to go with a date — going with a group of friends is just as fun. The most important part of the experience is dressing up and attending with your classmates; no date required. 
  2. If you really would not enjoy going with someone, telling them no is okay. However, even if the person is not your first choice, you never know how much fun you will have, and you may even make a new friend. 
  3. Don’t ask someone as a first date. Banquet is a great way to get to know someone, but putting the pressure of trying to impress someone on the evening will most likely end awkwardly and not live up to expectations. It’s okay to ask a friend to banquet, and you will probably have the most fun that way (unless you’re currently in a relationship). 
  4. Make plans to do something after. The time spent at the venue is usually not enough to make up for all of the money and effort expended. Getting a group and going out for ice cream or coffee, bowling, seeing a movie, or even walking around downtown are all great ideas to make the evening last longer. 
  5. Don’t feel as if only guys are allowed to ask. If you’re a girl and you have an idea of who you would like to go with, think outside the box and ask them first! 
  6. Appreciate the event for what it is instead of judging every detail. The evening will not have a fairy tale ending, and problems may arise, but keeping an open mind and going with the flow prevents negativity from seeping into your brain 
  7. Take pictures with a group beforehand. Whether you ask a friend who is a great photographer or you use your mom’s iPhone 7, the pictures taken will mean so much to you years down the road (or you can post them somewhere and enjoy them now). 
  8. Test out your hair and makeup a couple days before if possible. If you’re hiring someone to do it, maybe ask a friend that has hired them in the past for their opinion or look up reviews online. 
  9. Bring a clutch if your dress doesn’t have pockets. You never know what you’ll end up having to carry. 
  10. Bring chapstick and things to touch up your makeup if you’re wearing any.