September YiELD Vespers: A Recap


Rileigh Juba

Pastor Starr speaks to students at YiELD vespers.

Rileigh Juba, Writer


Last week Friday, on September 6, students from Collegedale Academy and the surrounding community met in the Collegedale City Commons for a new kind of vespers known as YiELD. YiELD is a concept created by the youth pastors of surrounding churches in an effort to bring students from all over the community together.

Around 7 pm, the open pavilion can be seen full of people, young adults and adults alike. Within the center bedecked in fairy lights is a small spread of snacks and, in another area, a table of shirts, printed with the YiELD brand. Upon request, a shirt will be given to you, under the following conditions: you must “represent,” and you cannot let anyone sit alone.

After about a half hour of socializing, the attendants are called to sit in the chairs set up in front of the makeshift stage. Once we had open with prayer, a few games are played before we have Praise and Worship, led by some of our own students. Finally, our speaker, Jason Foster, delivered a message on control, trust, and wisdom before closing us out in prayer. 

The program, though of pure intent, was met with some suspicion. The monthly vespers have taken the place of SA Vespers, and some would rather things not change. Conversely, the majority of comments from those attending were positive, praising the venue, message, and program as a whole. 

As someone who is not often involved in school events, I must say this was a delightful event. It may not be wise to let expectations of the future stop you from enjoying the present.