Seniors Sweep Class Softball Games


Cheyenne Roth, Writer

  Last Saturday, Collegedale Academy classes faced each other during several softball games. After the national anthem, played on guitar by junior Michael Mancia, the games commenced.  

      The junior and sophomore girls’ game came close and ended up going into overtime, but the sophomore girls won by a single point. The final score was juniors with 9 points and sophomores with 10. Meanwhile, the senior boys destroyed the freshman with a whopping score of 17 to 1. Sorry, freshman, maybe next year. 

      Next up, the senior and freshman girls took the field. To everyone’s surprise, the freshman girls kept it close at the beginning of the game. Unfortunately, the senior girls had multiple home runs, and the freshman couldn’t keep up. The game ended with the seniors winning 11 to 4. 

On the other field, sophomore and junior guys hit it off. The juniors were on fire with Michael Mancia stealing bases and Joby Nash jumping in the air to catch a hit by Matthew St. Hilaire. Their game was very close but juniors pulled through, winning 7 to 6. 

       Although both the sophomore girls and the junior boys fought hard, their attempts were futile in the end. The senior girls won 20 to 2 against the sophomores and the senior boys won 18 to 6 against the juniors.