Mein Kampf

Jane An, Guest Writer

August’s income is still deficit,” sighed my dad; he closed the book. On its cover is written 1945 Ledger. Bad situations do not end at once. It all started in fall of 1939.


Fuehrer Hitler made Germany’s atrocious economy much better. Germans were fanatical to the Nazis, and Hitler became Germany’s greatest hero. Hitler’s speech made everyone cry and wild. What he had liked became laws to the people, and what he had hated became restrictions to them. Everyone wanted to enter the Nazis to dedicated themselves for Germany’s revival, and I was also one of them.

Right after school graduation, I entered the army and became a soldier. Many of my friends, including Karl, also became soldiers. We were so proud! Girls, compared to the boys, are not allowed to be active women in the society. Unfortunately, my little sister Helga can do none of that; she is the one who can call the girls lucky. She crippled her leg when she was four, so she was forced to do nothing. Years ago, the Nazis announced that there were some genetic problems to some people and they should be eliminated. It was somehow lucky that Helga is still alive.

I loved Helga sincerely. Although Helga had a terrible accident that torments the remaining moments of her life, she contains dazzling energy that makes everyone delighted. She comforted my family when we were driven into despair. It was impossible to imagine my life without Helga. However, one rumor made my mind disturbed.

“Hey, Hans! Do your know the hearsay that some children are getting lost?” asked Karl.

“No, never heard of that,” I murmured. “What is happening?”

“Well, you know, these days some children in the town are starting to disappear,” he continued. “And there is a rumor that they are all disabled folks.”

My heart pounded fast. When Karl mentioned disabled kids, all I could think about was my little sister Helga. If the other children are getting lost, there is a possibility that she will disappear too. Even though that was rumor, Karl’s face was so serious that he looked like he believed the hearsay. I could not ignore the gossip about these lost kids. As soon as I came home, I ran straight to Helga’s room. Fortunately, she was there giggling. She was reading a novel and as soon as she saw me, she grinned.

“How was the work today, Hans?”

“There was nothing much different today,” I made an earnest face. “Helga, listen to me carefully. Hours ago, I heard from Karl that some disabled kids are disappearing. It can be just a rumor, but take it seriously. You should be careful whenever you are outside. If it is not an important task, just stay home. It will be much safer.”

“Okay, but can I go Eva’s house sometimes? I’m sometimes bored when you, mom, and dad go out work.” she asked with an upset voice.

“I’ll allow that,” I told her sadly. “Well, be sure to be at home if possible.”

I wanted to make her stay in the house, but she looked so upset that I allowed her to go to Eva’s house sometimes. However, that decision was one of my worst mistakes in my life.

The days after I warned Helga, I guarded the government building as I used to do. Soon after, Karl came to me with an anxious face asking me if Helga was okay.

“Hey, don’t worry. She said she’ll be at her friend’s house,” I grinned.

“Make sure your sister is safe. I saw someone who looks like Helga this morning. She was taken by some soldiers.” said Karl.

After work ended, I ran to my home. I opened Helga’s room; she wasn’t there. I searched for her: I went Eva’s house, asked neighbors, but nobody knew. They simply told me that some children and old men are getting lost. A few people said they saw Helga going to Eva’s house. Asking to some of my soldier friends, I found out that the government is searching for old men and disabled people to kill them.

I had no idea what was going on. Why was Helga one of the ones taken? Why did the disabled children have to die just because of their body? If I were born with disabled body, then would I be killed with Helga? I wondered hours and hours, however, I could not find the disabled kids’ and the old men’s faults. They did nothing to be disable and old; they were born like that and every people get old. When Karl told me about the rumor, I had not expected that Helga would be murdered one day by the Nazis.

Soon after Helga’s death, World War II occurred. Germany has lost the war, and many people died. We lost our land, and our economy failed. My parents’ bakery is about to be no more. Now again, Germany has lost hope to recover the economy, and our wrong choice of believing Hitler took Helga from our family.




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