The Trouble with Favoritism


Grace-Ann Hawthorne, Writer

Have you ever walked into a room and automatically judged the people in it, deciding which people to give attention and which to shy away from?

Personally, I find myself always trying to scope out my friends, so I don’t have to talk to others. I know that is harsh, but I have to remind myself that acceptance is important for everyone, not just my friends. It is human nature to be judgmental and show favoritism. Lucifer felt like he needed to be shown favoritism in heaven, so now he tempts us to crave the same. Although we all know it’s wrong, it is our sinful nature to be rude. James 2:1-13 warns us that followers of Christ should not, in any way, show favoritism. It is easy to turn a blind eye to the poor and only focus on the popular and rich ones around us. But, James 2:6-7 reminds us that those showing favoritism will be exploited and used to blaspheme against God. In this verse, God shows us his care by making sure we aren’t abused by the high and mighty we place on a pedestal. Remember, God chose the poor in the eyes of the world to inherit his kingdom. So, would you rather join those who will inherit God’s Kingdom, or be exploited by others to praise the rich?