The Honors Program: What You Need to Know


The CA Scholars Program allows students to go above and beyond the expectations of the standard graduation requirements or order to demonstrate excellence and gain recognition.
Unfortunately, many people join the honors program uninformed regarding the work required and end up dropping out. Here are several things you need to know before deciding to pursue the honors program.

Make a plan for the projects

The first requirement for the honors program is to complete two projects during junior year—one per semester. Because one semester is allotted for each project, it’s tempting to push
the project back until only several weeks remain. From experience, I can say that the best approach is to begin the project way before you think you should and pace yourself throughout the semester. Additionally, the projects are on a pass or fail basis, so you must fully meet every
requirement in order to move forward.

Be prepared to read and write for Great Books

Great Books, the class required during senior year of the program, comprises of reading classic literature and writing analytical essays. It’s important to know that you do get a grade for this class, and it does have the power to affect your GPA. While this class takes substantial time
and effort and is quite difficult, do not be completely discouraged. Personally, I have enjoyed reading many of the books assigned in the class.

So, what are the benefits?

By successfully completing the CA Scholars program, you receive a special honors diploma and a sash to wear at graduation. However, there are no other benefits that I know of — besides looking good on college applications.