Panda Express: Big Bang for Your Buck


Michael Scribner, Writer

Recently, a new Panda Express was built in Ooltewah. Panda Express has great Chinese food, large portions, and quick service. This new Panda Express has a seamless and quick drive thru. Although, if you want a more conventional experience, dining-in is great as well. The  amazing aromas of orange chicken and fried rice (the best entrees), create a cozy ambiance.

To get the most bang for your buck, always order the to-go box instead of a normal plate. There are three sizes of meals in the to-go line: bowl, plate, and big plate. The bowl is for a small child or a person who doesn’t eat much. The plate is for a person who eats normal portions.  The big plate is a waste of money because the extra side that comes with it can be put in a pocket. Yes, it is that small! But, overall, portions are great, and the price is, too.

Many dispute whether Chick-fil-A or Panda Express is the best restaurant. However, each restaurant has their faults and their followers. Chick-fil-A has great chicken sandwiches, and Panda Express has great rice and chicken entrees. Choosing between the two may be difficult, but either will surely satisfy your hunger.