New Year, Same Me


Carolina Smith, Writer

The idea of January first providing a fresh start and clean slate seems to be a common theme for teenagers and adults alike. Everyone wants to forget their past mistakes, and the New Year seems to be the perfect excuse to leave past grievances behind. However, this unrealistic ideal has proven time and time again to be nothing more than a toxic social construct that restricts real progress.


Many participate in writing out a list of difficult goals they want to accomplish over the course of the year, most being completely contradictory to their present way of life. Some common ones include weight loss, getting straight A’s, exercising, quitting a bad habit, and stopping procrastination. While all of these resolutions are positive, and have the potential to be beneficial, the vast majority of participants give up by March, and resort back to their old ways of binge-watching Netflix and eating junk food.


The crux of the problem comes from setting goals that are impossibly high, and, in reality, have no chance of being accomplished. It’s better to set small, simple goals than to claim you’ll change every aspect of your life by the stroke of midnight. It’s also discouraging when someone messes up—thinking they will have to wait until the next New Year for another blank canvas.


The ridiculous expectation, “New Year, New Me,” created in January does not erase past failures and certainly does not transform a person in the time it takes for the clock to go from 11:59 to 12:00. We, as humans, are going to mess up. We have our problems and bad habits that will only go away with intense dedication and help from God. As nice as it would be to simply take on a completely new, worry-free persona every year, it is just realistic.


Resolutions should be planned whenever you want to change, regardless of what month it is. Writing down and setting small goals, and consistently implementing them throughout your life is fantastic, and gives you a greater chance of success. Through hard work and the right mindset (meaning not expecting a magical day to change who you are), dreams really can come true, and by working with God, you can begin your journey to becoming His masterpiece. So, this year, accept who you are and set goals consistently. 2019 may still be your best year yet.