The Collegedale Academy Food Fight

Daniel Kuhlman, Writer


The question of which lunch at CA is the best presents many strong opinions. But, first, the reader must have background to understand the gravity of this debate. Every day at lunch, one class serves a meal of choice, served by students and made by gracious parents. However, every Friday, the pastors of Collegedale Academy sell Papa John’s Pizza. Monday is Haystacks served by the Junior class. Tuesday, hamburgers and tater tots are served from the Sophomore class. The Freshman menu consists of pasta, salad, and a roll. And on Thursday, the Senior class sells Special K Loaf, mashed potatoes, green beans, and a roll.

Now, back to the original debate. This question may seem trivial, but it actually holds merit. Whichever lunch the student body desires the most earns the most revenue for their class. The correlation between production and revenue is pivotal in the fundraising for many classes.

Senior Andres Ramirez commented, “The pasta and the salad is the best because it has carbs with the balance of a salad. The pizza has a lack of variety and needs other components to complete the meal.”

However, Junior Madden Baldwin disagrees, “Pizza is the best because you get more value. The worst is definitely the hamburgers because you pay five bucks for a hamburger with nothing on it and soggy tater tots”. Many expressed their frustration with the Sophomore class lunch including Junior Kenny Smith who added a suggestion, “I would change the burgers back to quesadillas if they gave us the choice.”

From a sophomore perspective, Alex Chaigne explained, “My favorite lunch is the pasta; it’s very tasty. The hamburgers are also pretty scrumptious. I do not like the haystacks as much. I’d agree with them the hamburgers are pretty good. The tater tots are also pretty appealing.”

Some are impartial to the question. Freshman Sarah Garcia said, “None of them are my favorite. I bring my own lunch or buy something from the SA Booth.”
Now, while the question may not have a definitive answer, it seems the students have spoken. Their opinions and attitudes will hopefully provide meaningful change to the Collegedale Academy lunch industry. If not, the culinary legacy of Collegedale Academy will be forever marred.