The Power of Integrity

“Better the poor whose walk is blameless than the rich whose ways are perverse.” Proverbs 28:6 (NIV)

With the school year now in full swing, there are many more challenges given to us daily. We often get so caught up in our little bubbles, that it’s easy to forget how much God does for us every single day.

Two weeks before school got out for winter break, I was facing a lot of stress. I was constantly studying for my upcoming midterms and trying to save money to go on vacation. As I was getting ready to go to class one day, I noticed some cash on the ground. It seemed kind of odd, so I picked it up. It was fifty dollars. I was definitely shocked and a little confused at the time. Since I was saving money, it was so tempting to just pick it up and shove it into my pocket. As I thought about it, I decided to do what Jesus would have done, and I gave it to the front office. They told me to come back in a couple weeks, and if nobody had claimed it, I could keep it. I prayed to God about it and asked Him to make sure the money falls into the right hands.

A couple weeks passed, and I stopped by the front office to check if anyone had claimed the money. Sure enough, nobody asked about it, so I was able to keep it.
Making the right decisions might not always be easy, but God makes the best of our trials. I want to encourage you to think about how you can have integrity everyday. I encourage you to think about what Jesus would have done, even on your worst days. Don’t ever forget to show God’s wonderful character throughout your everyday tasks.