The 2018 Collegedale Academy Class Softball Games

Daniel Kuhlman, Writer

On Saturday, September 8, Collegedale Academy’s annual Class Softball Tournament took place. Anticipations were high in every class, freshmen to seniors. Junior Class Sponsor Mr. Hodges predicted, “ The Juniors are going to play a good game; they will come away champions”.

However, Senior Camden Griggs had an alternate viewpoint, “The seniors should sweep the competition, but nothing is for sure”.

The first games of the tournament saw the Junior Girls pitted against the Freshman Girls and the Freshman Guys against the Senior Guys. In the guys bracket, the Senior guys quickly broke away from the competition with a double play on defense and a lead off home run by Andres Ramirez. The Freshman girls had a strong offense but were unable to cope with the Junior girls who were valiantly defending their title from the previous year.

The second half of the bracket saw the Junior Guys faced off against the Sophomore Guys and the Sophomore Girls in a fight against the Senior Girls. The Sophomore class was eliminated in both games, by a strong Senior defense in the girl’s bracket and a formidable Junior defense on the other side of the tournament.

The championship games were set in stone, and parents, friends, and teachers took their seats to watch the drama unfold. In both games, it was the Seniors versus the Juniors— offense was the prime factor. While the Junior and Senior guys remained neck-in-neck for most of the game, the Junior girls ran away with the lead early in the game. They maintained their sizable lead and took first place with a 20 to 7 victory. The seniors had big hitters near the top of their lineup and consistent base hitters on the bottom which culminated in a 14 to 9 win over the Junior guys who played catch-up for most of the game.