Power Outage Outrages CA Students

Madison Reinschmidt, Editor in Chief


As I walked into chapel this beautiful Thursday morning, greetings from my friends were interrupted by the flickering of the chapel lights and then ultimate darkness. Some students screamed in terror, others in joy. However, that joy was cut short when Crawford announced that school would indeed continue for the day.

When I went around through the hallways following chapel, many students gladly voiced their concerns. The school seemed to be in turmoil; SA Vice President Camden Griggs ran down hallways, screaming “I can’t see! I can’t see!” and smashed himself into the walls.

Others were more civil about their indignation but still bashed the decision to stay in school. Senior Melanie Marino said, “Why are we still here?”

Katie Scott, another senior, voiced her first thoughts when it happened, “How am I supposed to take my Stats test when the lights are out? This will dangerously affect my grades. Besides, we are all up to our necks in school work. We don’t deserve this madness.”

Furthermore, the usually calm Eli Wash expressed his rage, “This is wrong. I can’t even see where I’m going. This could cause a school shooter situation. The lanyards don’t even work!”

Meg Ermer, a junior agreed, “This is an outrage! I can barely see where I’m walking. Someone is going to run into a wall and when they do, I hope they sue.”

Aside from the darkness, some were concerned about how this would affect other important aspects of school life. For example, the Air Conditioning System also stopped working properly. Brianna Trott, a sophomore, stated her main concerns,  “What about SA ice cream? What about our lunches? And it’s gonna be so hot.”

However, the excitement and chaos was short-lived, as the power come back on halfway through third period. CA students can only wish for another outage and, hopefully, a day free from the stress of school.