Sick Tips

Carolina Smith, Writer


Along with the tide of homework and added responsibilities that comes with a new school year, sickness spreads. This can be very inconvenient, especially when you’re under the weather on the day of an important test. Regardless, illness is a part of life, and high school students must learn to cope. Being one of the unlucky this past week, I offer my personal experience on dealing with ailments amidst schoolwork.

1. Drink tons of water — Even though many offer up this ordinary solution, increasing your intake of H2O immensely alters how you feel. Depending on the type of sickness that plagues you, hot tea can also help.

2. Request your homework from a classmate or teacher the same day you miss — Sometimes it’s too hard to focus through sickness, and you must return home. When this happens, it’s imperative to not drown in back work. Even while bedridden, you can text or email a friend or academy staff member to ask for the day’s lecture notes and assignments. You can also check PowerSchool instead of waiting to talk with your teachers in the morning. When able, work on at least part of the homework that day to avoid twice as much the next.

3. Sacrifice lunchtimes and after-school activities until you catch up — As soon as you return to school, your first task should be to contact a teacher, even if your friends helped you. If you have questions about an assignment or missed a quiz, it is your responsibility, not the teacher’s, to schedule a time to meet.  

4. Sleep as much as you can (except in class) — Whether taking a nap after school or going to bed earlier, rest is crucial during your recovery. Even when you can’t nod off, relaxing should be a priority until you are well.

5. Wash your hands — This simple practice serves as both a preventive measure and a way to keep your illness from spreading to other people. Sharing is never caring when it comes to germs. 

With or without following my tips, you will eventually get better. Persevere and remember others are suffering with you.