Mrs. Schepers Receives NAD Award of Excellence


Carolina Smith, Writer

At the 2018 Teachers’ Convention in Chicago, Illinois, A.W. Spalding’s beloved teacher, Stacie Schepers, received the Award of Excellence for outstanding educators in the North American Division. Schepers has been teaching for 22 years and currently instructs first grade. Principal Tom Fogg confirms that this award is well-deserved due to the “incredible feat of Mrs. Schepers’ determination and teaching excellence.”

One of the biggest contributions Schepers has made to the Greater Collegedale School System is her introduction of a Montessori program. She helped create an environment where three-year-olds could learn and grow within a school setting, even at such a young age. She is a tremendous inspiration to all of her students, and “has an uncanny ability to set a climate for learning in her classroom,” says Fogg. The Montessori Method as an approach to teaching is rare in Adventist education, and Schepers’ commitment to successfully launch this unique program in Collegedale left a strong imprint on the entire community.

When asked about her reaction to being chosen, Schepers admitted she was “shocked.” With more than 9,000 teachers eligible for the award, she could not believe she was one of the few selected. However, Schepers goes on to explain that this honorable award cannot compare to the many she receives every year in the classroom. “When I hear first graders reading at the end of the school year, watch them writing paragraphs and being able to do more difficult math problems, those are the best, deep-in-my-heart awards.” The idea she hopes her students remember most is simple — the assurance of their salvation in Jesus.