Making the Most of this Year


Seth Courtad

No matter how far into their high school career, most students share one common interest: attending the SA Icebreaker in the CA Gym. This year, the school-wide bonding event took place on August 13th.  In the face of difficult classes, growing responsibilities, and new experiences, Icebreaker serves as an early reminder that high school can include as much fun as work.

Sophie Pierre, a freshmen this year coming from CAMS, perfectly exemplifies this idea. Like many girls her age and older, Sophie loves horses. So, naturally, she spent much of her summer horseback riding. At one point, a horse actually stepped on Sophie, breaking her leg in the process and crippling her for a while.

Sophie had this to say about horseback riding: “It really hurts when you get bucked off, but I still love it.”

It may seem silly, but moving forward in life can be a lot like horseback riding. As you grow up, you slowly figure life out and discover who you are as a person. As you improve, you enjoy yourself more, but eventually you get “bucked off”. Maybe you feel overwhelmed, or maybe the situation is entirely out of your control. Either way, the worst choice you could make is to give into your fears and never touch a horse again.

At your lowest point, know that God is with you and that He has put people in your life to support you in everything you do. Whether Icebreaker kicked off your first year of high school or your last, make the most of your high school experiences despite the hardships that accompany them. Remember your love for horses, even if you get bucked off.