My Fair Machine

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My Fair Machine

Seth Courtad

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My Fair Machine

My Dearest,
I must confess to you, my dearest, that for the past couple days my thoughts have been rife with nothing but anticipation for the next time I see you. I saw you for the first time last Thursday, and I must admit I was stunned. I was told by others that you were new to the school, and I knew that must have been true for I would have noticed such great beauty if it had been here before.
As I walked down the halls to seventh period Spanish, I caught a glimpse of you, and that glimpse was all I needed to uplift me on an otherwise stressful and sad day. You brought light into my world. I knew that you were the one, and that I could spend the rest of my days with you. Alas, that class period was a personal purgatory. With only you on my mind, I could hardly focus. Knowing that you were just across the hallway, just out of reach, was the worst torture a man could imagine. When that blessed bell finally rang at 3:15, I ran across the hallway to you, my beloved.
In the moment, I discovered something even more splendid I could have ever imagined: not only did you sell Peace Tea and Fanta, my dearest vending machine, you also took credit. With a twinkle in my eye and a debit card in hand, I finally did what I had been dreaming of throughout the entirety of Spanish class. I bought a drink . . . and for a second I knew what it was like to be loved. I’ve heard rumors, my dearest, that you’re going to be leaving the school soon. I pray they aren’t true, for I foresee a wonderful future with you by my side.
Love (forever and always),

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My Fair Machine