Pastor Anna Bennet provides a brilliant week of prayer

Leanne Eckhart

Behold, Belong, Become–Those three words encapsulate last week’s Week of Prayer at Collegedale Academy. Our school was fortunate enough to have a guest speaker, Pastor Anna Bennet from Southern, speak to students and faculty, not only bringing revival, but showing us how to truly live as a disciple of Christ.

Every day Pastor Anna gave a challenge, “Week of Prayer is what you make it.” She gave many helpful tips and Bible verses to help those listening truly find their walk with God.

In case you forgot, here are some of her main points:

1. Find a figurative “fig tree”–a place that you can go for some one-on-one time with Jesus.
2. Listen for God–50% talking & 50% listening.
3. Confess your shame and write it out on your hands and then wash them, just as God makes you clean internally–Psalm 103:12.
4. Let Jesus fill you with water so it can flow over and impact others–Isaiah 55.
5. Romans 8:31-39, reflect about God’s pursuit and proposal; write it down and keep it somewhere safe.