Sophomores impress crowd at annual Research Fair

Sophomores impress crowd at annual Research Fair

Leanne Eckhart, writer

Last Friday for Academy Day, Collegedale Academy’s Sophomore English classes showed off their creativity and smarts for the incoming freshmen.

I was impressed by the thought and detail that each student put into his or her research, and by the curious looks, giggling laughter, and gaping mouths, I could tell that the visiting students were impressed as well.

The following are a few projects that stood out to me.

  1. Grace Scoggins brought in her own corgi, Aly, to prove her point on how corgis make great pets.
  2. A cute kitten accompanied Makayla De Wind who chose to focus on the intellectual capabilities of cats and horses; they are smarter than people might originally think.
  3. Carolina Smith’s blood-splattered apron and huge, fluffy dog were an instant eye catcher and made viewers think about animal cruelty.
  4. When there’s a student dressed up like an authentic Starbucks barista handing out free coffee, no one could resist. Lauren Caldwell’s beautiful poster-board featured some of the effects that come along with coffee.
  5. Dillon Taylor, dressed in an authentic Blacksmith skirt, stands beside an anvil and lots of homemade tools.