1913: The story of Reginald Matthews

Zachary Attle, guest writer

Grand Central Station, Wow! what a sight to behold. Everyone is here, from the homeless to the famous, all just to see the wonders of this grand opening. People from all classes are here for their own reasons, but I am here to meet the man who would be a key role in doubling my wealth. Let me go back for a second, I’m a man who was born from an upper middle class family with high hopes of becoming a doctor or lawyer. I wasn’t interested in either of those professions and I made a name for myself by investing in small businesses until I eventually became the owner of three of them. Now I’m known throughout New York has Reginald Matthews, yet that isn’t good enough. I won’t be satisfied until the whole world knows my name.
The man I’m meeting is Trevor McHenry; he is a man I strive to be just like him if not better than. He is a tall man who lives a life people dream to have. He throws parties with tons of celebrities, he has lots of money, and he loves making deals with smaller businesses. I have an offer I don’t think he can refuse though.
“Mr. McHenry, is that you” I said quite loudly.
“Why yes it is, who do I have the pleasure of speaking to at this most perfect moment” he said very sarcastically.
“The names Matthews, Reginald Matthews, and I was told you would be here today, I was hoping I could schedule a meeting sometime to do business?”
“Oh its business you’re interested in is it.” He said slightly more interested
“Why yes Sir.”
I can’t believe it I’m going to be able to do business with one of the greatest man to ever live. I wonder how grand his office must be. Heading into one of his many skyscrapers I went to the 30th floor where he was, to see if I could leave this place a richer man. While taking my first steps in I noticed it was quite bland, no exotic furniture or huge desks. The room was almost completely empty except for one small desk in the middle of the room with two chairs on both ends. He walked in from a different entrance and ushered me to my seat.
“So how can I help you today?”
“I was hoping to become a partner with you to help my three corporations.”
“A partnership? I’m listening.”
“Why, yes a partnership. I hope to expand my businesses till there know across America, in exchange you are given a portion of the profits made for your help.”
“I’m not huge on partnerships Mr. Matthews was it, but I’ll tell you what I am willing to give you a loan in exchange you pay me 30% of all profits until I’m am fully paid back and that way you can keep your businesses and I don’t have to worry about more through my days. So what do you say.”
“You would do that, absolutely, I mean thank you for the offer and I accept I hope that we can do business together again in the future.”
“I’ll have my secretary have the details on the amounts in a week from today until then I’d like you to wait.”
“Anything you have to do.”
I can’t believe it my dream of being known to the world is just one step closer then I though it would be nothing can get in my way now. In a few months time I’m going to be all people are taking about once I finish expanding. Wait why is there a man walking up the side of that building, or that field in the middle of New York City, oh no don’t tell me I’m dreaming.
“I’m awake” I screamed loudly while sitting in the hospital bed.
“Wow we thought you’d never wake up you’ve been in a coma for the last year now.” The nurse said in shock
“How could that be I was just about to make a deal of a lifetime.”
“The accident report says you were at the grand opening of Grand Central Station and you were mugged and hit in the head with a blunt object.” The nurse said right before leaving the room.
I can’t believe it everything that happened that I missed “WHERE ARE THEY, where are all the papers from the last few months, I have to know what happened.”
I look to my left just to see a stack of news papers now I feel like an idiot for yelling well I guess I should start reading them. How much could world have changed in 11 months time. Oh the 16th amendment passed the day after I went into a coma. It allows congress to impose a federal income tax. Of course that when through with the government trying to steal all this money. Well that can’t be the only thing that happened can it? Oh wait here’s a big article on a women’s suffrage parade in Washington D.C. I don’t blame them for doing it either women do not get enough respect in this country as it is which is true because they are used to just clean houses and look pretty. I never married myself because I was always focused on my work and never had time to day anything else really.
“Mr. Matthews how are you today?”
“I’m doing okay Doctor, but I was wondering how much longer I’m going to be here.”
“Well you see you’ve been out for quite a few months and have just been laid done we’re going to have to send you to P.T. so you can heal and gain back the muscle you had.”
“So how much longer will I be at the hospital.”
“You’ll be here for a good 3-4 days”
Anyways now that he’s gone let’s get back to reading. Oh the 17th amendment was also passed, two amendments in one year that’s just absurd. It says here the 17th amendment give the people the right to elect two senators from each state. Wow that actually could be a good thing we won’t have any more of these greedy politicians try to take money from the people.
“Nurse, excuse me but could you let me know what type of lights these are.”
“Oh there brand new gas bulbs, we just got them installed a month or two ago some chemist came up with them, made him a millionaire basically over night.”
So much as happened but is there anything that could help profit my businesses. Oh wait who could’ve been running them while I was gone? I guess I’ll have to find out shortly because I still don’t know everything that’s happened this year. Wait this is the last paper here ok I’ll be caught up for the most part I just need to see what happened. Wait I can actually use this in my businesses to mass produce I didn’t even know that it was possible, Henry Ford I tip my hat to you for coming up with something so brilliant. The assembly line it seems so simple but complex this is what I need this will take me to the top one day I just need to invest.
“Nurse is there anyway I could make a phone call as soon as possible.”
“Why yes give me one moment and we’ll have a telegram sent.”
I need to get a message out to my partner we need to get assembly lines in all my factories as soon as possible. With this I’m going to make so much more money then before. Now all in need to do is either lay off my current workers or find something else for them to do. I will need to higher more qualified people to manage my plants. I can set up a three day class to show my current works, who will be keeping their job, what there position will be like now. Some I’ll have stay on the line, but I can’t have all of them there. Others will be promoted to supervisors where I’ll have three in each plant, with one general manager above them. The remainder of my workers will have to be laid off there is nothing I can have them do.
With all these new plants and workers being set up I will be able to go out and live. Maybe I could find a wife, have kids, and reconnect with my family.
“Mr . Matthews we’ll be letting you leave here shortly, I just need you to fill out an exit form to show that you are no longer a patient.”
“Anything I think I’ve had just about enough of this hospital as it is.”
“I wish I could say the sam but my employer wouldn’t care for that attitude so I hope you have a nice recovery Mr. Matthews.”
Now that it’s 2014 I think I should go out and celebrate waking up from almost a years sleep. Oh look there’s a pub over there, I could use a drink to celebrate the New year.
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